The Our Urban Farm Bakery is one of our favorite parts of our organic, local, sustainable foods efforts. We always knew that we liked the taste of sourdough bread. After we learned about the health and nutritional aspects of sourdough - and particularly organic sourdough - we decided we needed to give it a try.

Our sourdough starter is now several years old and has even traveled the country with us a bit, picking up interesting and unique wild yeast from each of the places we have stopped. We keep it at 100% hydration, which results in a slightly sweeter taste than some expect from sourdough bread. It results in an airy and tender bread. We make the dough into loaves, rolls, buns, bagels, crumpets and tortillas, all of which offer the benefits of fully fermented grains.

The bread dough is made with 3 ingredients: Flour, water and salt. Then, we season to taste using our organically grown, hand-picked herbs/spices, primarily rosemary, chives and garlic.

Because the bakery is small and the baking process long limit our baking to one day per week. Orders need to be in by end of business on Friday. That is when we begin giving extra feedings to our starter in order to be ready to make leaven on Saturday for baking on Sunday. Pickup or deliver is then Mondays.

It is a time-consuming process because making good, fermented sourdough takes time.

We operate the bakery on a Community Supported Bakery (CSB) model and sell full and half bakery shares. A full bakery share gets a full loaf of bread every week for 24 weeks. A half share gets a loaf of bread every week for 12 weeks. Subscribers can substitute rolls or buns and can vary their seasonings each week.

Subscribing to the bakery is a great way to support local, healthy and sustainable foods while eating healthy

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