Our Urban Farms is about helping people to live more healthful and sustainable lives in urban settings, from growing their own organic foods and producing their own electricity to connecting to their communities in more meaningful ways.

We began this journey years ago when we decided to get rid of our lawn and replace it with a front yard vegetable garden. That simple act has resulted in many changes in our lives, all for the better. Now, we are inspiring others to turn their urban yards into Urban Farms.

Watch a video tour of our garden below:

Hot peppers growing in the Sun

Naturally, our own urban farm is about more than just a front yard vegetable garden. It is also about our organic, community supported bakery. It is about our solar power system, including battery backup. It is about our community supported agriculture (CSA). It is about what we plant for the native wildlife, how we manage our water and how we live and work in our community to ensure we are not wasting or consuming needlessly. And, it is a lot of fun. We hope you will stick around this site to learn more.