A Day to Celebrate Local Organic Food

Sourdough bread
Some of today's baking. When hand-making organic sourdough each loaf is it's own work of art

Not a day goes by that we do not enjoy good, homemade organic food. Sundays, however, are always special because that is the day we bake bread for our Community Supported Bakery (CSB) clients. It is always a whirl of activity in the kitchen and each week we seek to push our baking to new and interesting places! Today was no exception.

Having just added English Sourdough Crumpets to our online store, today we were cooking up our first orders. We could not be happier with the results. They are extra light and fluffy, because our sourdough starter has been growing more robust through the summer.

English Sourdough crumpets
English Sourdough crumpets

We've been making and eating crumpets for years. They are one of our favorite sourdough products. And, we have long talked about adding them to the online store. Needless-to-say, we were thrilled that we got our first orders as soon as we put them in the store!

Crumpets are not well-known here in the Midwest and they are hard to find. And the ones you do find in the stores are not worth buying (in our humble opinions). Though they are brand new to the CSB, we are pretty sure people will love them. They were a big hit at our recent open house. For those indoctrinated, they are like a cross between a muffin and a pancake. They are lighter, sweeter and softer than a muffin, but used like a muffin. These are so flavorful you can eat them plain. Just toast them and eat. They are meant to be topped with butter, fruit or jam or cream cheese. We top them with egg and cheese to make spectacular breakfast sandwiches.

Sourdough tortillas
Sourdough tortillas. Yes! They are a thing! An amazing thing!

Because our starter was going so strong and there was a lot of extra, we decided to make a round of sourdough tortillas, which we also just added to the online shop. Like crumpets, we have been making and eating sourdough tortillas for a long time. We have also talked for a while about adding them to the CSB store. Today we finally got that done. If you are thinking, "Wow. Sourdough tortillas. That sounds amazing." You would be right. They are like regular flour tortilla, except they have that delightful sourdough flavor to them. They are also a bit more substantial than a typical flour tortilla, so they hold up when wrapping all kinds of foods. In addition to soft tacos and burritos, we use them to make breakfast and salad wraps. We also use them to make personal-sized pizzas that are wonderful.

Our passion for local organic food makes each Sunday, surrounded by fresh, organic baked goods, a true celebration! Pick up orders will be out by 8 AM and George will be out delivering on bicycle within the neighborhood (as the weather permits) shortly there after!