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Another Must-Watch Film: the Biggest Little Farm

We recently wrote about the film Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet. Then we watched another must-watch film, the Biggest Little Farm, currently on Hulu. We simply had to tell you about it. If you are concerned about the state of the planet; if you are interested in food or farming; or if you just like an amazing story that is beautifully told, you have to see this film, which has won more film awards than I care to bother listing.

The filming/photography is stunning. The music score is sensational. The story is fun, funny and yet strangely gripping at the same time. It takes you on an unexpected roller coaster ride that begins when city-dwellers rescue a special-needs dog they name Todd. Todd won't stop barking when they are away. In spite of this, the couple promises Todd that theirs will be his final home.

When they are evicted from their apartment because of Todd's barking, it pushes them to pursue their real dream of moving to the country to start a farm. But that is just the beginning of a 7-year-long bumpy ride. The land they buy is nearly dead and lifeless and they know little about farming. As they struggle to regenerate the land, "pests" move in. Starlings eat their fruit. Aphids damage other crops. Gophers kill their trees and coyote slaughter their chickens.

This is a story that is as much about how they fulfill their promise to their dog as it is about how they learned to view these "pests" as potential partners on the farm. It is about their personal transformation as well as the transformation of the land.

The Biggest Little Farm hits every emotion yet leaves you with a sense of awe and inspiration for what is possible if you remain true to your vision. More than anything, though, it provides lessons for human kind about learning to cooperate with nature, rather than trying to conquer or control it.

It is one of the best films we have seen in a very long time. Add it to your watch list today.

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