Anyone Can Have 100% Solar Electricity

Solar panels
One of the 3 solar arays on Our Urban Farm

Anyone can have 100% solar electricity. When we say anyone, we mean literally anyone who pays an electric bill, whether or not they own a property, whether or not they have sun or shade at their home. None of that matters, because with the growth of the solar power industry, there are now affordable and viable options for anyone. Let's say that another way: You can stop paying the power company to burn coal, polluting our air and water while burning fossil fuels that cause global warming. And you can stop paying them to do that right away.

Now, we are going to say it a third way: 100% of your electricity can come from clean renewable solar NOW.

Let us explain.

If you have followed Our Urban Farms for awhile, you know that we installed 3 solar arrays more than a year ago. Since that time, we have produced all of the electricity we use. We found the experience to be easy, fun and affordable and we strongly recommend that anyone who can do so. For a minor investment, we went solar and in a very short period of time we will get all of our upfront investment back, and then some. And our system continues to more than pay for itself. If you are interested in looking at this option, you can sign up for a free solar estimate. When you do, All Energy Solar will tell you how much a solar system will cost. They will also tell you how much electricity you will likely produce and set you up to sell electricity back to the grid. They will lay out all of the incentive programs, get you signed up for them, and make the transition super-easy.

If, for some reason, installing panels is not an option for you (say you don't own your home or live in a very shady spot, or don't plan to stay where you are for longer than a couple of years) you can now get all of your electricity through SunShare Community Solar. With SunShare, you subscribe to one of the community solar arrays they have installed and your electricity comes from there. No subscription fee. And, your electricity will cost you less than you are paying now for pollution. Use the links in this blog to get started. Begin your transition now!