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Because Bread is Art, It is Constantly Changing

It's been a year of change already, and it's only July. And today, as we were baking bread, we reflected on some of the change and how all of it is reflected in our bread.

Though it was just this last February, it seems almost a lifetime ago. We were in New Mexico, experimenting with creating sourdough starter in a different, much drier climate. We learned a lot doing that, and we applied that learning to creating a more robust Sourdough bread.

Then, Covid-19 hit and with our neighborhood in lockdown we decided to offer a free online sourdough class to help connect better with the neighborhood and share the joy of sourdough baking with all of sudden homebodies. In preparing for the class, we made some tweaks to our recipe and process. We also found a new organic bread flour that we love.

Then, Spring and Summer each came, and with them came new growth in the garden.

Each week we work to create the most beautiful and delicious bread we can. And, today, we realized this means that each week our bread baking is enriched by the changes in our lives. Today's batch was particularly beautiful, big, round loaves with fresh picked herbs from the garden, including oregano, rosemary and chives. It is a much different bread than the loaves we were baking in January, which was also delightful bread.

Good art is like that: constantly changing and growing...

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