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The first 50 Forum Members will get a special badge that indicates they are Founding Members. They will also get a coupon for 25% off either a full or half bakery share at our Community Supported Bakery!

It has been only 2 weeks since we launched our new website and we are thrilled with how it has been going so far. A few fun facts:

Since we launched on August 15, we have already been visited by a couple thousand unique visitors. That is really fantastic for a brand new website. Another statistic we are thrilled about: Our bounce rate is below 30%. In fact, when people come to they tend to stick around for a while. The average visitor views at least 4.2 different web pages when they visit. Every day we are also getting more and more people subscribing to our blog.

We say all of these things because building sustainably-minded community is going to be one of the most important things we will be able to do to transition our neighborhoods to a more Earth-friendly future. We are honored that people are coming to to help make that happen.

The next area of the site we want to see growing is the community Forum, where members can post their own sustainability success stories, ask questions of others and generally build more sustainability discussion. So, the first 50 people who become members (FREE) of the Forum, will get an honorary badge in their profile indicating they are Founding Members. They will also get coupons for 25% off half or full shares at our Community Supported Bakery.

Thanks again to everyone who is visiting, sharing, subscribing, and in other ways doing their part to make our neighborhoods happier, healthier and more sustainable! Hope to see you all in the Forum!