Bernadette the Sustainability Chicken

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Bernadette, the sustainability chicken
To schedule Bernadette for your Zoom meeting, contact Our Urban Farms

We often hear from people who want help promoting sustainable living. Our answer: Bernadette, the Sustainability Chicken.

When we began keeping chickens last year, little did we know that they would be as passionate about sustainability as we are (you should see our girls outside working the garden soil in preparation for planting season). We also did not know how chatty our laying hens would be!

We love to listen to their many interesting sounds, so much so that we began to understand that they have a message about living sustainably that they want to share. Bernadette is our most outgoing and talkative chicken and she likes to talk to people about what they can do to make her and their world a better place.

She is available to take questions during your live Zoom events. Contact Our Urban Farms for information.