Building Community Post Social Distancing

As Summer of 2021 begins to take hold, and the whole world begins to open up to a post social distancing world, it is a great time to reflect back on the lessons learned during our Covid-19 stay-home period. For us, like it was for many, this year and a half away from social gatherings now feels a bit like an incubation period: a time to be still, quiet and to be internal and reflective. Now, as we watch our garden bursting to life, we feel it is a time of germination for ourselves, too, to open up to the Sun, to celebrate Summer and the new awareness developed in the stillness.

With that in our minds and hearts, we are looking forward to more in-person events and building community. The is one of the reasons we are particularly excited about some community-based events we are participating in or hosting, including our Open House and twice-weekly Yoga in the Park classes.

Each year at our Open House, we meet new people and enjoy sharing the ways we have been learning to leave a lighter footprint on the planet. Additionally, for us, the practice of yoga is much more than a physical exercise regimen. It is more about building patience and kindness in the mind, body and heart and then sharing it with others, thereby helping to build a better world. For all of those reasons, we are particularly excited to share these events in the coming days. We hope we will see you soon!