Cottage Food Production in Minnesota in a Time of COVID-19

We here at Our Urban Farms, like our friends, neighbors and others continue to be concerned about the current Coronavirus pandemic and are watching events unfold that are changing our world in many ways on a daily basis. Our thoughts foremost with those folks most vulnerable around us as well as the countless folks in health care and other critical services on the front lines.

Yesterday we received official information from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture that outlined a number of commonsense but extremely important reminders related to food safety in this unusual time period. They state that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is spread through food. In addition, these reminders included ceasing production for sale if anyone in our household where the food is made or stored is sick, hand washing with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds, preventing bare handed contact with ready-to-eat foods by using deli tissues, spatulas, tongs, single-use gloves etc., regularly washing and sanitize food preparation surfaces and equipment. These are good food preparation practices that we employ at all times in our baking processes and are especially mindful of in this time of COVID-19 prevention.

In other words, our online shop is open and going strong and we are particularly mindful of the importance of eating good, quality healthful foods in these times!

We continue to be grateful for the support and positive feedback we've received over the months that we have been baking and offering our organic sourdough bread products and fresh roasted organic coffee. Stay healthy everybody, be kind and patient to others and practice gratitude in daily living. Standing together in unity, we will come through this pandemic. Thank You!

Mike & George