Edible Decor - What Yoga Studio Would be Complete without it?

kale plants in yoga studio
Two giant kale plats will be over-wintering in our new yoga studio, adding beauty to the decor as well as an occassional snack.

There has been a LOT going on at the Farm this fall. After our most abundant harvest ever we are getting ready to settle in for the winter. We have added a new and more substantial greenhouse over our chicken coop and right outside our new indoor yoga studio. Our new yoga studio is, in and of itself, a pretty amazing addition to the farm. In addition to the Chicken greenhouse on the west side of the room, the south side has a giant window that overlooks our wood-fired pizza oven & hot tub as well as our chicken play yard. We are still working to get the space decorated. We are going with a tropical plant theme. However, we could not resist bringing in some of our giant kale trees from our front yard kale forest. We think they look beautiful. We know they taste great!

If you want to know more about the yoga going on at the farm, check out https://utsahayoga.com.