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Enjoy Yoga at Our Urban Farm

Wow! What a year it has been! Those who follow the goings on at Our Urban Farm know that we have been adding a lot of new things. This spring we built our own DIY, wood-fired pizza oven and hot tub, which made the spring, summer and fall particularly delightful around here. We also added a new greenhouse to help keep our chickens dry and comfortable when the weather is wet and cold. More recently, we have added two new yoga spaces (see pictures above). The first is a spacious 2nd-floor deck that is tucked into the heart of a very old and sacred Oak. The other is a bright and sunny indoor space for when weather does not allow for yoga outside.

Our yoga practice stems from the belief that taking care of ourselves and being good stewards of the planet are different aspects of the same thing. We are, therefore, offering very limited private yoga sessions at Our Urban Farm. Learn more on our new Yoga Page. Note: If private yoga sessions are not your thing, you can always join us for our public classes.

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