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Flax seed hair gel

Another amazing dinner with the "uncles", George and Mike. I always learn something new. This time I learned how to make home made hair gel in less than 15 minutes. Another opportunity to get rid of a product that is packaged in plastic while becoming less dependent on store bought items. I'm a big fan of buying locally sourced foods, products and services, but this gel is so amazing, so easy to make and so inexpensive, it just makes sense to make my own.

FYI, I travel overseas extensively. 1 cup of flax seeds in my luggage with a small glass jar and a small bottle of aromatic essential oil, and I have amazing hair for three months!!

1/4 cup flax seeds boiled in 2 cups of water, after sifting, makes a small jar of gel...enough to last two people a few weeks (keep in the fridge and make a new batch every three weeks). Add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil to keep it fresh (thank you uncles) and a few more drops of Young Living brand Gathering essential oil blend so my partner enjoys a woody, masculine aroma. For myself, Jasmine and Rose are intoxicating. When I first apply it (generously from root to tip) after washing my medium length hair, it holds the shape and behaves as a good gel should; a bit stiff, not sticky and either keeps my hair straight or allows curl if I scrunch a bit and air dry.

If I tire of a stiff hold, I either wet my hair or brush it while it's dry. While still holding the shape, my hair becomes soft and thick. The fullness lasts for days and the flax is so moisturizing on my scalp, I'm only using shampoo once every 5 days (rinse with warm water in between as needed). It appears the flax gel fills in thin hair, because all who try it report their hair has a thicker, fuller appearance by the second day.

Last, you will notice you have no need to wash your hands after using this gel. It is a wonderful hand moisturizer, leaves no sticky residue and smells like your favorite scent.

I love this stuff!

Freshly washed hair, tamed & curly from flax seed hair gel.
Shiny, happy hair ala home made flax gel :)

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