Garlic Worship

If you know anything about us at Our Urban Farms, you know we worship garlic. It is the life force that makes our sauces and salsas the magic we crave. Blended into the wash we brush on our sourdough breads, it infuses the crust with heavenly goodness.

We have always loved garlic. When we started growing our own, however, is when we began to really appreciate the almighty power it has. No garlic you can buy comes close to the garlic you can grow at home. No harvest is as worthy of celebration as is the garlic harvest, in part, because you can take the whole crop out of the ground all at once and the smell of the drying garlic fills our whole house with divine garlic spirit - there is no risk of vampires coming near our place at garlic harvest!

Well, this year's harvest came early and is big and beautiful. We have nearly 100 heads of various hard neck varieties beginning to dry. We will clean them tomorrow and get them ready for curing.

A great garlic harvest is a sign of a bountiful canning season ahead, followed by another year of deliciousness. Praise to the garlic gods who gave us this bounty this year. Wow. They are spectacular!