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It is easy to get trapped in grief when facing the climate crisis. There is a way out.

Deb Ozarko, author of "Beyond Hope: Letting Go of a World in Collapse" recently said, "It is very easy - and I speak from personal experience - it's very easy to get trapped in grief and it then becomes an identity. And, when it becomes an identity then it becomes very difficult to allow the movement of the wisdom within grief to flow through..."

Watch the full conversation in the video below.

We have said before that it is important for us to grieve, and we all grieve at different rates. But getting stuck in the grieving process can leave us depressed, lacking energy and feeling like there is nowhere to go. Given that we all have limited time on this planet, spending it in that state does does not help anyone.

The challenge is to face the reality of the crisis while keeping our minds open to a new and better future, even when we cannot see what that new future might look like.

The fact of the matter is that if you are reading this, you are not dead yet. And, we at Our Urban Farm believe that all of our lives matter and that they have value and purpose. We also believe that connecting to that value and purpose is what helps us move through the grieving process.

Another fact is that life's toughest times bring the most profound lessons. They are opportunities for growth and learning. In fact, each of the disasters we have faced in our lives have, in the end, brought us some of the greatest rewards. We would not be the same people we are today if it had not been for having learned the lessons we learned of helping care for Sea Otters after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, or if we had not helped with Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts.

The Climate Crisis is no different. I believe that as we face the reality of it and daily commit to changing our lives to live more in harmony with the Earth, we become happier, healthier people. We become more connected to each other and the planet.

We cannot control what the climate will bring. We can, however, control how we chose to live through the coming changes. Focusing on what we can manage about our lives gives us the strength we need to move through the grieving and uncertainty.

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