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New Beginnings Even as Growing Season Ends

In yoga, it is common to end practice by rolling out of Savasana (corpse pose), which symbolizes the death or end of the practice, and into the fetal position (Parsva Savasana), which represents the new beginnings that come with each practice, new strength, new openness, awareness of new possibilities... for those of us who practice regularly, there is a natural cycle to yoga so well represented by the transition from one posture to the other. The end of that practice is not an end. It is the beginning of the next practice, where we take what we learned on our mats today into the next one.

Today, we have a deep sense of that same kind of transition at Our Urban Farm. The harvesting for the season is over, The garden has been resting, and it will rest for the next several months. Yet, even with the leaves turning and falling, and with a brisk fall breeze blowing our 2020 growing season is beginning. About 100 cloves of hardneck garlic were planted today for harvesting next summer. The circle of life begins another round.

Here is to another great crop!

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