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Pizza Oven/Hot Tub v 2.2 is Making Fall More Beautiful

As 2022 comes to a close and temperatures begin to drop, we are being extra appreciative of the updates and changes we have made to make our DIY pizza oven/hot tub even more efficient. Unfortunately, last winter, the copper tubing that was originally installed the oven ruptured, rendering the heating of the hot tub with it impossible. But, we got creative, and the end result is dramatically more efficient while being easier to maintain.

In place of the copper tubing that ran through the interior ceiling of the pizza oven, we purchased stainless steel garden hose and wrapped it around the steel chimney of the oven. With this change, water circulates out of the bottom of the hot tub, through a hose that wraps around the chimney of the stove, picking up heat, and then circulates back into the hot tub (after passing through a filter). We also added an insulated plastic cover to help trap heat in the water when we are not in it. Additionally, we added another black cover we can use for sunny days while the tub is not in use to help pick up heat from the Sun. The results are amazing. It takes very little wood now to raise the temperature of the water several degrees. And, with the fall temperatures arriving, we are oh, so glad.

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