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Prep is underway for our upcoming open house event

We are excited that things are coming together for our upcoming, Saturday, September 14, 2019, 11am to 4pm open house event in our "front yard urban farm"! And, according to the forecast, Mother Nature might be serving up a great, sunny and warm forecast for it.

Our sourdough bread baking session this past weekend yielded a wonderful supply of bread and rolls to serve to those stopping by. We are planning a second round of baking this week just to make sure that we have enough sourdough on hand, along with some iced tea, to be sure everybody has a chance to sample a taste.

fresh sourdough bread cools after baking
The kitchen has been a busy place this week as we have been preparing fresh sourdough rolls and bread for our visitors at our upcoming Open House in our front yard urban farm.

With the focus on sustainable transitions and community connections, we invite visitors to ask us about our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, including our solar power array, use of non-m0torized transportation, growing food in our front yard urban farm, and other ideas. We also invite visitors to share their own ideas and efforts to build a more sustainable community.

Whether you intend to stop by to chat and visit, or for just a few moments when you are out and about enjoying the day, we look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time. For more specific details, visit

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