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Report: Urban Farms 'Critical' to Combat Hunger and Adapt to Climate Crisis

An urban farm
A part of the front yard garden at Our Urban Farm. In the foreground are green beans. Garlic, rosemary and tomatoes are in the background.

A report from 2018 from Thompson Reuters Foundation has concluded that urban farms are critical to combat hunger and to adapt to the climate crisis that is unfolding across the globe. They can provide food, reduce heat (reducing the urban heat island effect) and help to lower flooding risks during heavy downpours of rain, the report says.

The research team that led the effort also said, "Urban agriculture may be critical to survival or a necessary adaptation to changing climate.”

Urban farms can be anything from vacant lots or yard space to rooftop gardens, patio spaces or even indoor window gardens, all of which can produce a surprising amount of food in relatively small spaces.

As important as the climate mitigation effects brought about by urban farming, small-scale agriculture in the city also creates decentralized food independence that does not require large-scale transportation. It is, therefore, more energy efficient, provides more nutritious food, because it can be harvested at peak ripeness and helps people to feel more connected to the Earth and the ecosystem that sustains them.

Too many people, particularly in the developed world, maintain manicured lawns, which use toxic herbicides and fertilizers to maintain, as well as loud, gas powered mowers to manage. They also provide little value. Converting these lawns to organic productive land could have dramatic positive impacts and can even help provide important food sources for native pollinators.

At Our Urban Farms, we believe that everyone can grow some food, even if they live in apartments or condominiums. We also believe that doing so is good for the planet as well as our physical and mental health. We encourage everyone to join us in participating in the local organic food movement. Find something that you can plant today and get started!

Take a tour of Our Urban Farm by watching the video below:

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