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Sourdough & Blood Sugar

As a fiftysomething female whose parents were diabetic by the time they were 50, I am keenly aware of sugar spikes and dips in my own blood and body. Anyone who is handling Hypoglycemia naturally knows what I’m talking about. Blurred vision, shakiness and an inability to focus the mind are signs we just ate too much sugar or too many carbohydrates. If we don’t count carbs, things can get dicey.

Recently, thanks to George and Mike, my partner and I have been eating sourdough bread instead of the type of breads we were raised with. Yesterday, I unwittingly ran an experiment.

For lunch I had a large bowl of homemade lentil soup. I have no idea how many carbohydrates are in that bowl. What I do know is the next few hours were fraught with “signs” that my blood sugar had spiked. Then, of course, it crashed and it was naptime. For those who don’t know, taking a 20 minute nap frequently resets the body.

Later that afternoon we baked a loaf of delicious sourdough bread. I ate two slices slathered with olive oil. George and Mike have told me more than once that this bread is very low on the glycemic index. What I know from my experience yesterday is that they must be correct. One bowl of soup took me out for hours while two thick slices of bread did nothing but sate my appetite and give me energy.

We are so grateful for our sourdough and look forward to making pasta, pizza crust and other yummy things together.

Thanks guys!

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