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Sourdough is About More than Bread

If you attended Our Urban Farm's Online Sourdough Bread Baking Class, you probably already know there is more you can do with sourdough than make fantastic, nutritious loaves of bread. A LOT more.

In addition to traditional loaves of bread, sourdough makes other wonderful bread products as well, including buns, rolls and bagels. That seems pretty obvious. Less knowns is that you can make other things to, including english crumpets, tortillas, pretzels and pasta.

Pretty much anything that uses flour can be made using sourdough, because sourdough is actually just fermented flour. It is the fermentation process that turns starches and sugars in the flour into minerals, vitamins and protein and gives sourdough its signature flavor and texture, while also making it more digestible. All of the benefits of sourdough bread are also true of all other sourdough products.

At Our Urban Farm one of our passions is food independence. Sourdough can be an integral part of that. We are, therefore, thrilled with the response to our recent Sourdough Bread making class and want to remind everyone that we still have spots open for our Sourdough Pasta Making Class, coming up Sunday, April 19. You can find details here.

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