The 2021 Garden Season Has Officially Begun

It is bitter cold (minus 16F) outside, but, inside, we are getting our 2021 garden planted. We just set up our tomato plants, including red Brandywine, Cherokee Purple and a couple varieties of Roma. They all did so well last year in the new garden space that we are anxious to see how they do this year.

We normally start our seeds in the solarium upstairs. This year, however, we have added some additional growing spaces inside. We are germinating the tomatoes in one of the new spaces: in the south and west facing sitting room that is off our kitchen. We have been growing stuff there all winter, including Basil, Kale, Oregano, Lavender and Aloe Vera. It's been a ton of fun, as well as delicious. Next up, we will get our peppers started!