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Tour de Sustainability and Excitement from Our Website First Days

Our new website is literally only a few days old and we are very excited about everything that is happening. Hundreds of unique visitors have already checked out the site, traffic is growing and feedback has been fantastic! We also have had some great subject matter experts agreeing to take on some of the key areas of our blog, which makes us really happy, because the scope and breadth of the effort here is both inspiring and terrifying. (Note: if you know anyone who would be interested in contributing to the Blog or Forum have them contact us.) We have gotten a LOT of subscribers to our blog already, and a few Forum members, which also makes us happy.

Forum members are able to post to the Forum and we encourage everyone to sign up to help share their knowledge. After all, it will take our whole village to change the way our community impacts the Earth.

With all that going on, one of our highlights was spending yesterday afternoon with some of the other folks at Longfellow Transition Group. They hosted a Tour de Sustainability where a group of us visited 4 local businesses that have adopted new and innovative business practices. Along with everything else, we just set up new social media in the last few days, including a brand new YouTube channel for Our Urban Farms, so we decided to make a video of yesterday's inspiring event. Check it out below! Thanks to everyone for making the first few days of our new launch so much fun and so productive!

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