Watch: Professor Jem Bendell Says Our Mother Earth Says #MeToo

Professor Jem Bendell, author of the acclaimed paper on Deep Adaptation, spoke at an Extinction Rebellion protest on April 15, 2019. Among the many powerful statements made was that Mother Earth says #MeToo. Watch the video below.

Bendell is right to link the climate crisis to rape and sexual abuse of women. The paradigm that results in both is the same: hyper-masculine, domineering, control-oriented and mixed with a hefty dose of entitlement felt by those in power who have done little to earn what they have.

As he speaks, he is referencing mothers and grandmothers who are peacefully putting their bodies on the line to protest mass extinction and the climate crisis. As he speaks he references police officers who lay their hands on these mothers and grandmothers in order to arrest them. The message and the connection are powerful and unmistakable. We encourage you to watch and share.