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For years we gave been working to transition our lives from being typical American consumers to living more sustainable and healthful lives. While we have known others who have made the journey to growing their own foods and living closer to the land, most of them have chosen to do so by moving out of the city into more rural places. We decided to take a different, and we would argue, more interesting path: to see if we could live in a way that was more connected to the Earth while living in the City.

The little spot we call Our Urban Farm is a tiny lot right in the City of Minneapolis. The growing season is short and the winters are long and brutal. Yet, in this unusual place we have found it remarkably easy to grow a surprising amount of food; to produce much of our own electricity needs and to transform from being consumers of the Earth to being stewards of it.

It has been a remarkable journey so far and it is still unfolding. Today, we are launching OurUrbanFarms.com as a way of inviting others to join us in creating a network of stewardship-minded city-dwellers who care about our food, the planet and all of the living things on it. Please join us by subscribing and joining today!