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Wood-Fired Hot Tub - Final Test

For years, we have had the dream of a chemical-free, wood-fired hot tub. And, after thinking about it for years, we finally have the key pieces of it done.

The tub itself is a simple, Rubbermaid stock tank that holds just over 300 gallons of water. We connected a hose to the drain hole so that we can pump water from there, through a filter and into 50 feet of copper tubing that is wound through the ceiling of a home-made wood stove and then back into the tub.

Yesterday, we decided to fill it and run one final test to make sure it works before doing the final finishing work on the outside of the tub and stove. The test went great! We were able to raise the water temperature by about 10 degrees f per hour. There were no leaks. Now, all we need to do is a little more sound-proofing around the pump and then a final layer of concrete and finishing on the wood stove and some decorating of the tub. See the video below!

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