You Don't Need as Much as You Think

When people tour Our Urban Farm, they are always surprised by how small it is and, at the same time, how much is in it. The fact is that we grow a lot of food and have other non-food areas outside in what is really a smaller-than-average city lot in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is 40 feet wide x 120 feet deep.

In our small piece of Earth, we have expanded the footprint of the original house. We, therefore, extended 2 exterior walls of the home and converted it from a 790 square foot home to about 1,900 square feet. We also added a detached 2-car garage. All of that addition/remodeling ate up more of the tiny outdoor space that had previously been available.

In spite of the tiny size of our available space, we have done a lot with it, in part by creating many small areas that we use for different things. We thought we would share this slide show to help inspire others. You really do not need much space to do amazing things.