Transitioning Online Learning Series

Because transitioning to new ways of living can be challenging - particularly when those new ways are not supported by the popular culture, or the road ahead is uncertain - we are creating programs to help people make deep and rapid changes in their lives. Our goal is to help people to transition from being consumers of the Earth to being stewards of it, in the truest sense of that word. We help to retain what is working, to discard what is not and to create new paradigms in their lives to help them to feel more deeply connected to the world around them. By building these connections we can more easily see the impacts our lives have on the world around us. Once those impacts are seen and acknowledged, change becomes easier to make and sustain even in the face of the unknown. And our lives become richer and more rewarding.

The Learning Experience

Transitioning is an eight-week experiential learning event that will help participants in making the changes they seek in their lives as they adapt to our rapidly changing society. It will help them to feel and be more connected to the world around them; to be more self-sufficient; and to leave a lighter footprint on the planet. Participants meet weekly in online for approximately 2.5 hours of active group learning, covering the topics in this website's Forum: growing & raising food, energy production/consumption, health, transportation, lifestyle choices, deep adaptation and climate change. They will also explore the obstacles they face in transitioning their lives in these areas. Detailed information about the next event are at the right side of this page. We hope to see you there!

To learn more, read this, or contact us.

Deep Adaptation

Deep Adaptation suggests that dramatic and systemic social change is going to be required of most of the humans who will read this message, due to the rapidly accelerating climate emergency that is already unfolding on our planet, because of human activity. Furthermore, there is almost no way to predict in advance what changes we will experience. For these reasons, changing our lives NOW in deep and systemic ways can help us prepare for the social and ecological changes to come. Just as important: these changes can make our lives happier and healthier today, even if making them can be challenging.

Transitioning Details:

A LIVE Online Transformational Learning Opportunity

Next Series: Saturday, 4/11/20 - 5/30/20

Times: 3:30 - 6:00 PM Saturdays*

Regular: $95 (or FREE*)

Reserve Your Spot Now

* $95 deposit required to reserve your space which may be refunded after completion of the class.

** One additional day-long event will also take place during this class, date flexible depending on each students' schedule.

3312 46th Ave S. - Minneapolis, MN 55406


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