Sourdough Pasta Class is Online

On Sunday, April 19, 2020, Our Urban Farm hosted our first online sourdough pasta making class. It was a ton of fun!

To help spread the joy of sourdough pasta even further, we are posting the class online in a form that is intended to help anyone follow along with the class to begin baking their own sourdough pasta. Rather than sitting down and watching the following videos from the class, which were recorded live during the class, we encourage you to spend a day, making your own pasta as you watch the videos. During the class there will be specific references to times of the day. The live class began at 10 AM. The exact timing will vary somewhat. Sourdough pasta is much less time-sensitive than sourdough bread.

Before starting the class, you should already have made your sourdough starter and leaven. Instructions for making your own sourdough starter are here. If you prefer (and you live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area) you can purchase starter here.

The Basic Steps We Follow:

  • Prepare the dough.

  • Let it rest, hydrate and ferment

  • Knead and shape the dough into noodles. We demonstrate shells, bow tie and hand-cut noodles.

Part 1: Preparing Your Pasta Dough

Part 2: Shaping, Cutting and Cooking